Who Am I?

Hi Everyone,

I am Melissa Spry, running and operating Beautiful Ambitions with Mel. I have been through a journey battling anxiety and depression. I deal with anxiety and depression through motivation and weight-loss.  I turn depression into pounds!

I want to share my journey and give insight in hopes that it can help or even inspire others. I am a people person and want to share the secrets and knowledge that I have learned in the two years.

I want to personally invite you to join me on the rest of my journey! You may also view my Facebook page (beautifulambitionswithmel) that will contain sharing tips, videos, and different content relating to helping and understanding anxiety/depression to losing weight and keeping it off!



Mental Illness has many different faces

Metal Illness- a condition that affects a person’s thinking, feeling, or mood.

It is so much more than that! Mental illness has many different faces. when I say “many different faces”, I mean, there are different terms for different areas of mental illness. Some of the terms are ADHD, Anxiety disorder, Autism, Bipolar disorder, Borderline personality disorder, depression, dissociate disorder, psychosis, eating disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), posttraumatic-stress disorder (PTSD), and schizophrenia. They all play a different course and affect each person differently.

I learned that The National Institute of Mental Health states ” 1 in 5 in the U.S (43.8 billion) experience mental illness in a given year.” 1 IN 5 PEOPLE! Think of it like this, everything 5th person you meet has one if not more of the different faces of mental illness. The numbers grow more and more each year. Less and less, become educated about it, and learn to deal with it in everyday life. More struggle with this each year. This disease affects one of the main organs that control’s our body, it controls the brain. Giving the brain a chemical imbalance

This is why we, as humans, need to learn to listen more and talk less. People actually tend to communicate to others what is going on with them all in their words and body language. I am not saying just because you talk to someone and they might be having a bad day, that you can diagnose them with anxiety or bipolar disorder. But, I am saying, just talking to someone, even about what seems to you to be the littlest issue, can help them through a process that their brain is trying to perform.

Now, that we have a little background on mental illness, and that you know that people aren’t “just crazy”, there are things that you can do to help with your mental illness or there are things you can do to help someone else.

Surround yourself with positive people. Nobody needs a “negative nancy”, you know, the person always complaining. A negative outlook on life. People that do not respect your needs. Seriously, If someone can’t understand that you have a mental illness, then let that person go. You have no reason to defend yourself, especially if you have to do it constantly. Surround yourself with those that motivate you to do good.

Value Yourself. Taking time for you. Doing something that you enjoy, that gives you happiness. Block that time out! (check out my other blog: What the heck is “Me Time”)

Support Group. Yes, I said it. Find others that battle what you battle. Being able to communicate to others that have similarities, I can tell you its a whole lot more than sharing just survival tips. You can develop a bond. On top of that, you begin to gain becoming “socially active” in society.

Goal setting. Set goals in life! Do it in weeks, monthly, or yearly intervals. It gives you something to look forward to. It also helps your mind focus on that positive thing that you set for yourself. Not to mention, the feeling of success when you achieve it!

Last, but not least, Do something with all that “craziness” in your head. Finding a hobby, crafting, working out. What I’m saying is, to make sure you have an outlet. You can schedule this in your “Me Time”. An outlet that lets you be you. (Stay tuned for how I personally use my outlet). Your getaway. A time to focus on something else.

At the end of the day, battling with any mental illness is hard. It is a constant everyday battle, that never lets up. WE are just like other people. We just battle a lot more. So, instead of hiding it, or being ashamed of it, let’s educate the world, find others, and connect. I invite anyone to follow and connect with me. I am always a listening ear away!

What in the world is “Me time”?

“Me time” is often thought as alone time. Time set aside to collect one’s peace of mind. Now think to yourself right now, when was the last time I had “me time’?

Yeah Right. When’s the last time you had the TIME for “me time”? Especially in this generation. Often, many of us find ourselves working. Even working overtime. Becoming overstressed, exhausted, and irritable. Let’s not forget also family matters, and running a household. “Me time”, then becomes just a dream.

But, there’s a secret. The secret is, it’s actually in your routine. I have always try to stick to the Sunday for an hour rule. This is all out pampering. From a deep facial cleanse, hair (extra treatment), to toes. In that hour it’s all about me. This helps me to de-stress and relax in order to get ready for the busy work week ahead.

Sometimes, as a mom, it is hard to stop and take the time for yourself. You get so caught up in helping others, you forget to help yourself. Having that time to yourself, for anyone, is getting your peace of mind. Maybe your “me time” is different, that’s okay! It could be yoga, working out, hiking, video games, relaxing. Everyone’s peace of mind is different you just have to find yours, and if you haven’t, you should, it’s not as hard as you think! It’s in your routine.

If you start making “me time” apart of a weekly routine, you will find that you will be able to handle the stress of the week that will probably be thrown at you. Not to mention that peace of mind thing again. This is also a key to anxiety and depression. Making yourself feel good. You have to be the warrior of your story. You have to stay strong, keep your head up and continue to fight the battle. Sometimes, saying No, is a must. You have that time blocked off for you, make sure it is for you! Just don’t make it an all-day thing, unless you have no responsibilities for the day, then kill it!

“Me time” can also be time with your best friend. I use to bring girlfriends together for a “Girl’s Night In”. I offered my services and pampered the ladies. But, what happened at these events, is truly where the magic is. Best friends coming together, catching up, sometimes drinking a little wine, and laughs. you could see the love in the air!

So, I would like to challenge you, my dear followers. Find a place in your schedule and take some “me time”, and do something that makes you happy and relaxed. What will it be? I can’t wait to follow up with you!